I remember, as a small child, pouring through my Mom's drawings and feeling that making art must be the most wonderful thing in the whole world. Many years later, I still feel that way.

I've taken some twists and turns in my pursuit of creativity, but nothing has given me the pure joy and satisfaction of digital photography. Creating art in the digital world is almost like playtime for me. With a world full of unexpected beauty, all I need to do is show up and catch it inside my camera.

I usually start with a photograph from nature...something that captures my attention, something unusual. Once the photo is on my computer, I work with it until I get that "Ahhhh" moment, the moment when everything falls into place and the image is what it was meant to be.

I have truly enjoyed creating the images on this website. I hope you'll enjoy viewing them and possibly making them a part of your life. All these photos are available for sale and I'll be happy to respond to any email request for information.